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Carryout at: 995 Boul. Saint Jean Change it ?

Seafood Beef Noodles


Sliced beef shank, shrimp, fish balls, chinese cabbage, white radish,...

Braised beef bone soup noodles


Beef shank, half an egg, bok choy, coriander, green onion...

Sliced Beef bone soup noodles


Sliced beef shank, white radish, coriander, green onion / Tranches...

Vegetable soup Noodles


Egg, Chinese cabbage, carrots, seaweed, corn, edamame / Oeuf, chou...

Beef sauce noodles


Beef sauce, Chinese cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, corn, green onions /...

Dandan noodles


Pork sauce, Chinese cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, peanuts, green onions /...

Biangbiang flat noodles with hot sauce


Sliced beef shank, flat cabbage, hot sauce / Jarret de...

Crispy sweet and sour pork slices


Pork, shredded carrot, coriander / Porc, carotte râpée, coriandre /...

Chicken with chili sauce


Chicken, white sesame, onion, chili oil, chili sauce / Poulet,...

Traditional spicy beef


Beef shank slices, peanuts, coriander, chili oil, chili sauce /...

Sweet and Sour Shredded Cucumber with Sauce


Cucumber, peanut / Concombre, cacahuète / 黄瓜, 花生碎

Edamame Salad with Vegetables


Edamame, pickled cabbage / Edamame, chou mariné

Spicy napa cabbage / Kimchi


Napa cabbage, chili sauce / Chou napa, sauce chili /...

Tea Egg


Egg / œuf / 鸡蛋

Coca Cola


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Pepsi Diete


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Canada Dry

Carryout at: 995 Boul. Saint Jean Change it ?